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Monday, 18 April 2011

Breakfast in Bed

Who says the old "way-to-heart-through-stomach" adage only applies to men? Because it most certainly applies to me, and oh-so-fortunately for me, I married a man who knows just the way to my heart (in more ways than one)!

Sid, hands down, no contest, is the better of the two of us at Breakfast. Maybe its because I'm still too sleepy at breafast time for creativity of any sort to kick-in, but not Sid. Sid whips up a whole array of breakfast dishes expertly, whether its eggs, french toast, blueberry pancakes or a steaming, frothy cup of perfectly brewed cappucino.

It is therefore sort of assumed in our home that if we don't have other plans, weekend brunch is his department. This usually involves us traipsing down the stairs in our pyjamas, settling down on our couch, opening up our respective favourite sections of the newspaper (money and football - you're on the other team), and when the hunger pangs start to strike, we have a cursory "shall we have x for breakfast honey?" conversation, and off he goes.

So imagine my utter and absolutely amazement when he actually woke me up yesterday - a warm, lazy, Sunday morning, holding - (take a breath, ladies and gentlemen) - a Breakfast Tray!!

Not much renders me wordless, but that sight? Totally and completely wordless.
For on his face, was the happy, shy grin,  that I haven't been able to resist since I first set eyes on him, and on the tray was a delicious looking prawn omelette, 2 slices of wholemeal toast, a bowl of cut fruit and a cup of coffee! What took me over the edge was that the tray had, in the center of it, a small vase with a single bright pink (fake) flower!!

I bit my lower lip the way I do when I am searching for the right words, but can't.
If I wasn't such a tough cookie, I would have cried a little. I mean, this is love, no?

No one has ever made breakfast in bed for me, and that too, such a fantastic breakfast - wonderful nutty bread, toasted to exactly the right crunchiness, freshly cut fruit, crisp and cooling and - golden brown, juicy and delicious, the dish that I'm writing about today - just a perfectly made prawn omelette!

Here's how he did it:

- 3 eggs
- 2 tbsp of milk
- 10 prawns, peeled and de-veined
- 4 spring onions, washed and finely chopped (optional)
- 1 tspn extra-virgin olive oil
- Salt and pepper, to taste

Combine eggs, salt and pepper to a bowl and whisk until the yolks and the whites are completely mixed. Adding a splash of milk to the egg mixture usually makes them fluffier. Add prawns, and the spring onions if you're using them - they give a bit of an Asian kick to the dish and add some colour as well, so using them definitely adds on some brownie points in the presentation coloumn. Heat up the olive oil in a non-stick frying pan on medium heat. Pour in the egg and prawn mixture. Use your spatula around the edges of the omelette to make sure that it is not sticking. When the bottom is browned, flip over the omelette until it is golden brown on both sides. Serve open or folded in half.

Incomplete without lots of love and a single bright pink (fake) flower!

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