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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Cheese Naan for Ebony

I’ve had a number of recipe requests (yay!) but I am horribly behind schedule (boo!) so I’m going to charge through the next few posts like a woman on a mission (woo-hoo!) and hopefully live up to your expectations of my superb culinary prowess (not!)

So, here is the recipe for my first request. It's cheese naan. For Ebony.
Who is my friend from Trini and Tobago. (Honorary Indian.) (But without the drama.)
Who is beautiful, clever, sexy, funny, opinionated, humble, classy, and one hell of a woman! (Lucky Miro!)
Who was my section-mate at HBS (Go D!)
Who has a cute little boy called William (whose clothes she irons). I don’t. (Ranbir’s I mean.)
Who just had a birthday. (Happy Birthday Ebony!)
Who hates people who mix up your and you’re (Hey, your not alone). (Oops.)
Who worries about growing older (Don’t. We are always only as old as we think.)
Who has the widest and whitest smile of anyone I know. (Keep smiling my friend.)
Who wanted the recipe for cheese naan. (So, here you go.)

Get your hands on:

- 2 cups of plain flour
- 1 sachet yeast (yeast makes the end product light and fluffy, not hard and crispy)
- Pinch each of salt and sugar
- Water to combine
- 1 tbsp crushed garlic, per naan
- 1 cup grated cheese (any kind you like), per naan

Here’s how to make it:

Pre-heat your oven to 200 c and place a greased baking tray in the oven.

Meanwhile, mix flour, yeast, salt, and sugar, and add warm water to this mixture, slowly kneading until you can make a soft but firm dough ball with your hands. To get it firmer, add more flour; to get it softer, add more water. Now, sprinkle some flour on a baking tray, add the dough to the tray and knead for about 5 minutes. Set the dough mixture aside for 20-30 minutes.

Next, divide the dough into 4 pieces and roll or press each into a flat pancake, around 1/2 cm each in thickness.  Add a tablespoon of crushed garlic and a sprinkling of grated cheese in the middle of each pancake. Close the dough by folding it over, pressing the edges together, and rolling it out again. Repeat this process with each dough circle. Sprinkle the top of your naans with dhania (dhania = coriander = magic, remember?) or whatever else you like (mustard seeds, cumin seeds, kalonji/onion seeds, fennel seeds all work really well.)

Finally, pop the naana into the oven on the preheated baking sheets for 5 minutes or until golden brown. Brush with melted butter or ghee as it comes from the oven if you like. (You like.)

Let me know how it goes! It's a bit tedious, but I think it beats ironing...


  1. Awww! Thanks, girl! Love this so much, it will be worth the big mess in the kitchen. Now off to find some yeast. You know we use baking powder in Trindad...please don't take away my honorary Indian status!

  2. :) Never!!!
    Baking powder works just fine. Its actually quicker, frankly. Just doesnt make it rise as much, but its good enough! Baking is always tedious (Im not a baker), but this one's worth it, honestly. Thanks for making me make this - it's been ages since I did this. I just buy the packaged stuff usually - but the taste is never the same as freshly made naan...go for it, its worth the mess, I think!