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Thursday, 3 May 2012

The E-mail I Just Can't Stop Reading...

Absolutely gobsmacked that Tim Hayward of Guardian, FT (and much, much more) fame sent me an email that starts with:

"This is great stuff. I love your writing style… really immediate, chatty and it really pulls you in."

I pulled you in?

I re-read it 3 times.
And then I read it again. Just to be sure.

And then I printed it out for fear of my gmail being hacked, my computer crashing or google going out of business (in increasing order of improbability...or decreasing order of probability, whichever you prefer, it's all the same to me...)

I also, by the way, keep in large stacks of print, all the emails that Sid sends me (No, not the ones asking me to empty the dishwasher...) just so I always have them in a real life touchy-feely kind of way.

It's strangely reassuring you know. Because technology scares me. So says the girl with the blog. Ha!

So, anyway, I printed it out and I read it again.
It is praise indeedy from such a fine wordsmith as Tim Hayward.

I am thrilled, gobsmacked and absolutely overflowing with happiness!

So, really, this is for all my wonderful friends who read me from (according to blog stats): the UK, US, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, Switzerland (?), Russia (??), the Ukraine (???), France, Nigeria (we recently solved that mystery!), Australia (Hi Jill & Ken), UAE (????), Thailand...

Please keep reading me!!

...because just knowing that somebody's reading my ranting and putting up all those kind comments (which I think I'm going to get my lazy self together and collate one of these days) really keeps me going!

Thanks people - how lovely you all are!
And thanks, Tim Hayward :)

Now I'm going to run around the house in circles till I exhaust myself and pass out, because the adrenalin is pumping a bit too much at the mo...

Laterzzzzz! xx


  1. Jillian Hughes4 May 2012 at 04:49

    Hi Ami!

  2. haha, Hi my audience from Oz! btw - went to Bill Grangers place the other night and thought of you...

  3. Hey Amrita, your reader in the UAE was probably me...I read your blogs regularly and have tried out some of the recipes...just love them :)

  4. Oooooh!!!!! I was so intrigued to know who it was :) I'm SO glad you read the blog and even gladder that you try the recipes!! They've been tried and tested and experimented on to no end, so it always makes me happy when someone tries them and gets on well! Thanks for doing both!! :)