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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Reader Comments: May 2011 - May 2012

Selected email excerpts: 

Jillian Hughes: I read your blog - AND I LOVE IT!!! You are amazing. I had no idea you were such a beautiful writer. Reading your blog is like reading poetry. I actually read food/lifestyle blogs in my spare time and am only too happy to add yours to my list of favourites. (actually I just put my spoon up, I am making beef bourguignon)

Suchitra Sripada: amrita keep blogging ...awesome job

Priya Chohan: Hi, Hope your well and so is Sid and ranbir. Wanted to tell you I am loving your blogs, your writing is really good. I especially love butterfly kisses, really beautiful. I hope I have a moment like that with shai. I am gonna try out your butter chicken, Chet does love butter chicken but I've never really attempted a recipe. I'll let you know how I get on. Please Keep writing I look forward to reading them. Priya x

Devika Kumar: Hi Ami, Everyone has been raving about your food blog, and I've got to read it!

Tara Ollapally Thomas: Hey Ammu -- read some of the lovely posts on your blog. You write beautifully and what I love the most is the joy that you have found in motherhood.

Anaheeta Dhawan: I love reading your blog! I am sure that many people have already complimented you on your writing, but it is fantastic! Keep up the posts and know that they are making many people smile (many more than you realize)...xx (with affection, though I know, air kisses rank close to the bottom of the list led by your baby's butterfly kisses)

Shaela Rahman: you should write professionally.... given your talent it's a matter of time...and invite me to dinner when I'm on your side of the pond so that I can get a taste of some of these divine-sounding dishes

Aniket Hirebet: Read through a lot of your blog today. It was a welcome diversion as I've been really burning the midnight oil lately - The blog is turning out great. You writing style is improving as the weeks go by. It also reminded me, of course, of just how similar our childhoods were.

Ebony Morczinek: "Guess what I'm sipping right now. Chai! It is de-lish! Thank you. Now I don't have to pay 6EUR every time I want one. I really think Trinis are honorary Indians for real, because I was born to drink this! Now teach me how to make cheese naan and I'll be set for life. My Auntie Sita is definitely looking down at me from heaven and smiling. "

Shayaan Aga: "hey, just realised you have a blog. really good reads. actually like the "chai" one particularly.

Maeesha Reena Shamdasani: I'm ur nigerian reader! Been meaning to msg u and tell u how fabulous ur blog is! I thoroughly enjoy reading it. Many a late night with yash I keep myself awake reading ur blog. Just need to try some of ur recipes now!! :)

Aarti Sanan: Your blog is awesome. Kudos for juggling mommyhood and writing.

Rupa Tak: "hey, i sent an email to your hotmail account but i love your is perfect! you are full of surprises"

Anita Nitin Menda: you simply write beautifully and i enjoy reading your blogs!! looking forward to many many more!!

Treeny Ahmed: Your last 2 posts have made me laugh out loud. Hard. Let me know if you ever need a fan review. You seriously found your calling. I'm so glad I discovered your blog early in the game!


Thanks for sharing your blog. You have an incredible way of capturing moments through your writing, which is witty, funny, joyful and captivating. Keep it up and fingers crossed that it turns into a book or column! Because you should! 


Blog Comments

A little late but Happy Happy Birthday. Absolutely enjoy following your blog. Already pimped it a couple of times on Twitter ;-) Would love to see pictures of what you made or while you're making :-) :-) By Henna Achhpal on Birthday Cake on 04/04/12

:) ... that makes cake making so easy and quick ... love the sounds of it. I'm gonna nick this recipe for my mom's birthday next month...Cheers :) By LightReVision on Birthday Cake on 29/03/12

.. Love it!! Happy Birthday again! And kisses to the lil' munchkin. By Anuja on Birthday Cake on 28/03/12

Yet another beautiful piece Amrita.. can't decide what sound yummier- the cherry crumble or Ranbir's twirls and tumbles. Loved reading it. Canny Bhua. By Divya bhatia on A Spring in My Step on 28/02/12

Oh my goddddddddd!!!! Adorable!!!! Awesum mm mm...u r just superb Amrita... Great going....loads n loads of luv.... By Kaveri on Chicken Soup...for the Body and Soul on 02/12/11

Great Job! Comes straight from the heart- you can totally tell! By AP on Happy Birthday Ranbir! on 07/10/11

That is what I call a magical post to commemorate a magical day! Kudos. By Ebony on Happy Birthday Ranbir! on 01/10/11

Awww! Thanks, girl! Love this so much, it will be worth the big mess in the kitchen. Now off to find some yeast. You know we use baking powder in Trindad...please don't take away my honorary Indian status! By Ebony on Cheese Naan for Ebony on 15/09/11

Hi, Just wanted to tell you that I really like your blog. You have a great writing style - a way of making everything come alive....your experiences,the colours and taste of the food you write about..And all this without posting pics...amazing work! By Purva on Umami from the land of Michelangelo on 01/08/11

I love Italy, have been there several times. Nice blog, perfect with an Italian flavor!!! Will try the sauce,sounds delicious. Do you have a recipe for the famous Puttanesca sauce that you have tried and tested? Yum By Anonymous on Umami from the land of Michelangelo on 29/07/11

I've only been to Calcutta once!... but I love it. Best Indian Chinese food I've ever had (in some market)... driving on Howrah bridge in an open Gypsy in the wee hours of the morning (and shouting I'm the queen of the world - no drinks were involved!) and setting my sights on the Victoria Memorial (?)... pale, gray and a shadow of its former self - but such a beautiful sight nevertheless. Calcutta does grow on you... and it will always be "calcutta" for me too... just like "Bangalore". Lovely post Ami... thanks for sharing - Faz By Anonymous on Calcutta Egg Rolls on 17/06/11

Amrita! I really enjoyed reading this post! Loved your descriptions of London, the food, your night out..everything. You are a gifted writer! And sounds like one amazing dinner! xoxo By pooja (sydney) on The Closet Gourmand on 13/06/11

Great post Ami! I am loving this blog xxx By Jill Hughes on The Closet Gourmand on 05/06/11

Ami, thanks for capturing last night. The blog is mouthwateringly tasty and I am hallucinating about the fajitas last night. I'll certainly give this recipe a go, but I'm not sure I'll have that special lime juice massage down. Keep them coming... By GG on The Closet Gourmand on 05/06/11

Ammu - what a lovely post. The last paragraph is adorable. As always very well written and sounds yummy. It is Rohan's favorite dish as well and of course - his dad can eat it any time too. :-) Call you soon. Love, T By Anuja on Sidharth's Butter Chicken on 02/06/11

You totaly captured this Amrita!! In fact.....tomorrow i'm actually gonna make what shall forever be called 'Uday Park Chicken'!!! By Surabhi on Uday Park Chicken on 10/05/11

Great read and I can particularly relate to the onion samosas as they were sold in Hyderabad as well. I don't like samosas at all but onion ones I loved them as they were small and less complicated :):) Will surely try making these. Thanks for sharing :):) By Anusree on To the Girls of Sophia High School on 09/05/11

Ami, Thanks for sharing these with us. Nora and I were reading through a few of the posts and we both think they are great - I like the idea of weaving food or a dish into the fabric of a story, a memory or evoking a certain emotion. Well done and keep them coming. By Gaurav on The Closet Gourmand on 05/06/11

Yeah really like the style in which you write the blog, its funny. Like the butter chicken one and the one about Didima. Should ask people to spread the word about it. By Pritam on The Closet Gourmand on 05/06/11

Happy birthday Amrita ...that's such a lovely and well written blog post...good luck for the ahead By Shruti Mahajan on Birthday Cake on 27/03/12

I always read your posts, as I know they're bound to be highly intelligent and entertaining! By Shaela Rahman on Stop Raining On My Parade on 2/5/12

Beautiful writing Amrita! By Ash Sethi on The Girls @ Grangers on 5/5/12

Facebook Comments

Yummyami: Butterfly Kisses - June 14, 2011

Urvashi Mahajan Jones, Nick Ndiritu and 7 others like this..

Diana Batiwala: touching :) ur writing it so beautifully made me feel like a part of the whole experience n it truly was a beautiful one!J

Venessa Taylor: amy darling, i dont know if i'll ever prepare the butterfly kisses, but i'll never think of any one but u wen i eat them. Ur eloquence is beautiful and heart melting.... Hugs to u and Ranbir!

Deepali Bagati: well said! their will be plenty more "firsts" but this will always be uber special! am still waiting for pics

Shruti Mahajan: adorable !! Avika has picked up the flying kiss technique so when i say give ma a kissy. . She blows one to me. Cannot get enough!!!

Surabhi Khanna: what a lovely post Amrita!!! Given my past experiences with 'Randy'....i'm glad he's getting the right training!!!

Anuja Kochar Singh: Very very cute. Precious moments to cherish for the rest of your life.

Meenakshi Sharma: totally love it! as always beautifully written :-) very happy for your butterfly kiss! lots of luv n hugs to Ranbir!

Aimee Carevich Hariramani : Crying now. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. You are so right - these times make it all worth it. So happy to hear you are savoring them. :) Much love.

Yummyami: To the Girls of Sophia High School – May 6, 2011

Diana Batiwala, Laekha De Mornay Davies and 3 others like this..

Venessa Taylor: Amby no words, just sooooo much emotion! HugS!!

Suchitra Sripada: Great job thanks for bringing back fond memories!

Trupti Rathi: I just looked down to see if I was wearing my favourite brown wrap around with yellow edge. You took me back there after all these years. Thank you.

Karen D'Souza Carvalho: Awwww! Had tears in my eyes reading this and remembering those days....what wonderful times....thanx for this's fantastic!

Shruti Mahajan: Thank you Amrita. Love your blog posts :-)

Anupama Mahajan: Oh god what a blast from the past that was!!! Thanks for that!! and the 10th std sports day we broke the coming last record and placed third!

Niveditha Bhoopalam: Wow!!!! brings to mind so many sweet memories. Thanks for putting this together :)

Rohini Morley: thanks Amrita that was so awesome.. its funny what all you forget in life.

Shweta Narang: Adorable! Thanks for bringing back the memories :) Fabulously well written! Happy mom's day too :)

Susan Joseph: loved this piece and love your blog! Thank you so much for the memories and the recipe!

Suchitra Sripada: Amrita great job brings back fond memories actually teared up a bit at work:) ..... Just remember our strategies to beat the josephites at wtgw!

Pavithra Vijayarajan: It's beautiful Amrita. I read it thrice over :) need to try out the recipe soon!

Yummyami: A Spring in My Step – Feb 27, 2012

Priya Chohan, Ebony Morczinek and Pavithra Vijayarajan like this.

Shruti Mahajan: Brilliant !!! Still remember holding avika's hand and helping her take those baby steps and then just like that... She took off...I would say enjoy this cause when he starts to run..its whole new ball game... Lol

Yummyami: Cheese Naan for Ebony – Sept 15, 2011

Sowmya Venkat: Love reading your blogs Amrita!

Ebony Morczinek: You know I was reading your description of me and was like....who is she talking about? That chick sounds fly! Lol! Thanks for the recipe. You are such a good writer. Please keep doing it.

Treeny Ahmed: My last day of work is tomorrow and I'll save this to read / enjoy during my few free days (hopefully) before this baby gets here :)

Elizabeth Alvesteffer Measell: I am so going to make this now!

Ebony Morczinek: Everyone needs to check out my friend Ami's blog. She's a talented writer and can COOK! I asked for a recipe for cheese naan and she actually posted one! No begging, cajoling or payments under the table. The biggest surprise for me is that she put yeast in the naan...and not baking powder. I'm about to make this!

Guelmana Rochelin and 3 others like this.

Marco Klumpers: So sweet. The recipe sounds good, got to find some yeast Top.

Ebony Morczinek: I made the naan on Saturday evening, along with curry chicken, aloo and channa. It was sinful! The whole apartment smelled like baking bread, melting cheese and spices. And they were so light and fluffy! Yum!

Yummyami: Winging it, Ammi Style! – Oct 10, 2011

Diana Batiwala, Sowmya Venkat and Charles Williams like this.

Shruti Poddar Goenka: u really know how to write :)

Shruti Mahajan: good one.. the baked beans cracked me up..i always have them around..just in case ;)

Surabhi Khanna: Fab Post Amrita........but i HATED those damn baked bean toasts!!! Napa would be eating them and making silly jokes about the word in german for fathers and grand fathers!!

Jillian Hughes: Amazing!

Diana Batiwala: Awesome! Thanks Amrita..def needed these quick eats lesson.Now I shall be better prepared :))

Venessa Taylor: ‎Diana Guess it's tym i dropped in soonsies (now that ur better prepared!) ;) & Amrita: thx mucho for preparing D(hehehehe), and and and i love ur writing style, i almost feel like i am watching it on television... so imaginable and alive!

Venessa Taylor: Amby i am totally game, may hap teach you one of my own recipes and therefore end up getting an esteemed mention in your blog!! (Kidding, totally, seriously!! :P) D wat say?? let's have a blast from the past, together and live up to the last sentence in this blog??? ;)

Yummyami: Happy Birthday Ranbir! – October 2, 2011

Priya Chohan, Diana Batiwala, Laekha De Mornay Davies and 9 others like this.

Ebony Morczinek: Happy birthday Ranbir! You managed to give me goose-bumps.

Elizabeth Alvesteffer Measell: Beautiful! Happy Birthday Ranbir, and Amrita!

Meenakshi Sharma: Such a precious post, loved it! A very happy b'day to ranbir! Lots of luv n hugs!:-)

Jillian Hughes: You are such a beautiful writer. It is a complete joy to read your words! Happy birthday Ranbir!

Kaveri Bhatia: Omg...this is beautifulll...each word each feeling so precious...happy bday ranbir..ami...sid...lots of luv from all of us...

Shayaan Aga: Happy Birthday Ranbir!

Shruti Poddar Goenka: Wishing Ranbir a very happy and blissful birthday and many wonderful returns of the same. First birthdays are really emotional and it's so obvious from your post. Amazingly written, as always.

Suchitra Sripada: Happy birthday to your little one !

Diana Batiwala: happy birthday to your little one Amrita :)

Priya Chohan: Happy birthday to ranbir n to you mummy. Your words brought to tears to my eyes and so well put. Thank you for sharing. X

Urvashi Mahajan Jones: Such a beautiful post! Happy birthday Ranbir! Your mommy loves you soooo much!!!!

Anuja Kochar Singh: Amu - that was lovely and so very precious. Happy Birthday to your baby boy.

Venessa Taylor: at the risk of sounding repetitive, heart warming (did u steal my emotions??) piece... only i recall being less patient and more of a creaming banshee for Liam.. by the time Tia arrived, i had mellowed down, i think ;)

Yummyami: Birthday Cake – March 27, 2012

Pooja Mallya, Anusree Banerjee, Priya Chohan and 5 others like this.

Jillian Hughes: Done! Loved the birthday cake post today. Happy birthday!!!!

Pooja Mudbhary Natarajan: Happy birthday gorgeous girl! Glad to hear you had a lovely day! That chocolate cake sounds divine, must try it! Xoxo

Shruti Mahajan: "Happy birthday Amrita ...that's such a lovely and well written blog post...good luck for the ahead."

Pooja Mallya: Happy Birthday Amrita! Have a great one! I'll be looking out for the Yummyami blog posts the way you write and have tried out some of your yummyamis too :)

Yummyami: The World’s Worst Dinner Party – April 27, 2012

Nick Ndiritu, David Fasunloye and 8 others like this.

Shruti Mahajan: masterpiece!!! I needed a good laugh and this totally did it for me...thanku for sharing ur misery in such a delightful manner... :)

Dominic J Wertheimer: Absolutely superb. It would be unkind of me to comment on people that i have not met but it would be nice if perhaps they did less entertaining in the future for the sake of their guests.

Shayaan Aga: Such fun! (for us reading that is:) so, was 6 months preggers with Maleha, and the lady at Kingfisher counter asked me as we were checking in "are you in your happy place?" to which I replied, "no, an airport is not such a happy place for me" mind you it took her asking me 3 times before I knew what the hell she was asking. Seemed pretty obvious to me that I was 6 months pregnant.

Ash Sethi: that was exceptionally eloquent and yet delightfully acerbic :-)

Surabhi Khanna: Perfect....and oh so wicked!!!

Raghav Mathur: Deliciously wicked!

Aarti Sanan: LOVED you dinner from hell piece! I wish I was a fly on that wall... or probably not! I just had the lunch from hell recently but it was only one person! Are you EVER come to NYC?

Yummyami: The E-mail I Just Can't Stop Reading...May 3, 2012

Jalps Patel, Amrita Dhar, Neha Chandra Singhal and 11 others like this.

Pooja Ahuja Nagpal Awesome !! I must say u write brilliantly and ur blog is a very enjoyable read :)

Anuja Kochar Singh Wow!!! That's great girl!! And well-deserved!

Swaroop Yalla U have a great writing style...keep it going...

Sonya Chittiappa Reuther I remember reading a post about b'day cakes a while ago...v. enjoyable! big love...xoxo


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    1. Awww, thank you Marjory :) How lovely you are!!!