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Friday, 22 June 2012


Guys I've been published!

And in print too, the old fashioned way!
With real paper and real ink, this is as real as it gets!

Which makes me Pollyanna-glad, cause you know I'm an old fashioned gal at heart ;)

And (yes - I'm totally saving the best for last) it’s going to be in the latest edition of
 the highly regarded and truly superb food quarterly, Fire and Knives.

F&K, if you don’t know it, is a treasure trove of “new writing about food,” created, owned and edited by the brilliant Tim Hayward – photographer, broadcaster and food writer extraordinaire.

I’ve written a piece called 'The Closet Gourmand' about my best Mexican meal in London – experienced at the most unlikely of places, dished up by the most unlikely of chefs…

Here’s a little teaser:

Fire & Knives is a print quarterly of new writing about food by London-based writer and editor Tim Hayward, with art direction by Rob Lowe/Supermundane. Each issue has many contributors writing about what fascinates them about food, combining it with film, architecture, history, literature and much more.
Contributors in this issue: Thomas Blythe, Anna Berrill, Ami Rao Khanna, Ellen Hardy,Mansour Chow, Josh Kornbluth, Karen Barichievy, Joe Bridal, Josh Sutton, Nick Baines, Jojo Tulloh, Fiona Button, Linda Gibson, Catherine Phipps, Judy O'Kane

My copy came this morning – and I mean, really. Whoever it was that said one must never to judge a book by it’s cover, clearly hasn’t set eyes on this lively little beauty.

Because it is beeeeeeeeutiful.

Designed by the hugely talented Rob Lowe/Supermundane, the aesthetics are pure and utter genius. Petite and portable and properly bound, with high quality paper and pleasing visuals, it’s eye-candy for food lovers.

And it is smells amazing.
 I don’t know how on earth they managed to get it to smell so good, but if they bottled up the aroma and sold it, I’m sure they'd make a pretty penny.

But really guys, it’s honest and it's witty and it’s classy.
And despite all this, it’s unpretentious – mostly because it's good enough not to need to be.

And that’s why I’ve wanted to write for F & K for sooooo long.

And now I have.

And people are calling from all over to congratulate me (how lovely you all are - xx)

 for once in my life I'm at a total loss for words – a rare and singular phenomenon that seldom, if ever occurs.

(I’m not kidding about this, you know. Even in the most profound and poignant of moments, I find I have something to say. I spoke, for example, within a few seconds of Ranbir’s birth.
 In fact, to be specific, as they were holding him up – under his arms, legs dangling – displaying him to me in that little room at St. Mary's, I turned to Sid and queried (from genuine curiosity) – "God, why does he look like that?"
 Followed very quickly by, "Can you get me a Cornish pasty from Paddington?")

See what I mean?

So this is just too excellent for words.
Even for me.
And I'm thrilled to little bits.

Thank you all so much for reading my nonsense - I promise you much, much more of the same – there’s a blazing fire under me now and I'm as motivated as I will ever be!

Please subscribe guys - if you like my writing, you’ll LOVE this – Brimming with dazzling prose that is clever, evocative and utterly delicious, this is British food writing in its Sunday best!

You can subscribe here 

For now, I'm off to let this properly sink in.
I've spent many sleepless nights in anticipation of what this moment would feel like and I can tell you it’s more glorious than anything I could have conjured up – even in my mad and crazy head.

Thanks Tim Hayward, for taking a chance on me!


  1. Shikha Maheshwari27 June 2012 at 22:44

    Congratulations Ami! Well deserved.Very proud of you!

    1. Thank you soooo much! Thats so kind of you to say :) x

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    Laekha De Mornay Davies - Congratulations Amrita you are a genius!

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