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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Your body (that temple)

There's Good News and Bad News.

First, the Bad News.
(This is always how it is, by the way. First, the Bad News. Then, the Good News. It's the natural order of things. And anyone who tells you otherwise is a fool, a damn fool).

So, first, the Bad News:
- The sun is NOT out.
- Winter is NOT over.
- We are still ALL going to die of Rickets.


Now (that you've earned it), the Good News:
Which is...that March is meant for daffodils and fruit smoothies
At least I think so…
Whether the weatherman agrees or not…
So that’s what we’re doing. We’re making Blueberry Smoothies. That my friends is the Good News. In fact, it's Great News. Three cheers for that. And (while you're at it) two fingers up to the weatherman and his "yellow warnings of snow"
Go get a life, dude!

Right, now that we’ve got all that sorted...
Listen to me. Please. Make this today.
Like right now.
Your body (that temple) will salute you.
I swear.
My body (that temple) is saluting me. Like right now. In the present-continuous tense. Really, I mean it: as I write out these words while slurping my blueberry smoothie, I am being saluted by my body, non-stop.

And let me tell you, there's nothing on earth quite like when you are being saluted by your body. Non-stop at that.
Well, maybe there is.
But we won't go there.
My mother-in-law reads this blog.

So, without further ado:

Here’s what you need:

- 1 cup organic natural yogurt
- 180g blueberries
- ¼ cup milk
- 1tbsp Manuka Honey

Here’s how you do it:

Throw together yogurt, blueberries, milk, and honey into a blender. Blend until smooth. Taste it for-sweetness and add more honey if needed. That's it. Easy-Peesy.

Now, if you'll be so kind as to read on: a bit about the mighty ingredients.

Right, as some of you know (and now, all of you know) I've become slightly obsessed with James Duigan and his “clean body” stuff. I mean, the man's a veritable genius. He's not one of those crazy nutritionists who wants you to eat 14 times a day (I don't have time to eat 14 times a day) or else the other kind who expects you to survive on 500 calories a day (really?? Has anyone told these people that 500 calories is two skinny lattes??) See, James's advice is not hard at all – no alcohol, no sugar, nothing out of a packet, sensible stuff really, all common sense. And it's not hard core, he leaves much of it to you to figure out. All I'll say is that I’ve really never felt fitter or better or cleaner or more full of energy. Really. 

Now, where I'm going with all this is that James is a big fan of natural yogurt and so as a result, I've become obsessed with the stuff. So please excuse me if I go putting yogurt in the next 100 recipes on this blog. Because I've been going through pots and pots of it at a rather alarming rate, but it’s all good.

(I think)
(Can one die of a yogurt overdose?)
(I don’t know)
(but who cares)
(I'm going to die of Rickets first, anyway)

Swiftly moving on.

So as you can see, I prefer to “thin” my smoothies with milk, rather than fruit juice – it’s just a purer, more unadulterated flavour, plus you skip the junk-sugar content from store bought juices.  For sweetness, I use honey, which brings a richer, more earthy, natural sweetness to the smoothie - honey tastes oodles better than sugar anyway. And while we're on the topic of honey, I should tell you that I've started using Manuka honey, which I reluctantly have to admit is worth every penny of its monstrous price tag…

I mean it.

See, here’s why. All honeys have – in varying quantities– hydrogen peroxide, produced from an enzyme that bees add to the nectar, and considered one of the greatest healing miracles of all time. This is why honey in general has always been classified as a health food. In manuka honey, however, there's something besides the hydrogen peroxide that contributes to it's extraordinary medicinal properties – except - and that's the great mystery of it all - no one really know what the "something" is!

But whatever it is, it's nothing short of a magic ingredient in its astonishing ability to combat infectious organisms. And so: Manuka honey is a much-hyped superfood.

You can read about all it’s proclaimed health benefits here.
You can choose to believe them or not.
Me? I’ve always been a sucker for “superfoods” so I’m a believer.
A True Manuka Fan.
ATMF, that’s me.

I had to research the hell out of it, you see. Because the hubby who is usually impervious to the various whimsical entries that comprise  our monthly grocery bill, suddenly saw this one and went apeshit.

He then demanded to know why I had  bought 10 years worth of honey for £25.99.

First I gulped.
Then I declared that I hadn't, in fact, bought 10 years of honey; I'd simply bought a small 340g jar of honey. Umm...which happened to cost £25.99.

Which in retrospect I have to admit was a decidedly bad move. Because £25.99 for 10 years worth of honey is most definitely the lesser evil when the alternative happens to be £25.99 for 2 weeks worth.

He thought so too.
Because at this point he opened his mouth, but found - to my great fortune - no words that quite suited the occasion adequately. So he closed it again. He looked rather like a goldfish, but I thought perhaps it wouldn't be so wise to tell him that.
Instead, I feigned illness, clutched my heart and pretended to collapse.
Which ALWAYS works like a charm.

Now (duly recovered) lets conclude with my final ingredient - blueberries.
Ahh, blueberries.
I genuinely don’t want to bore you with any more health facts than I already have, but I’d be doing this little deep bluish purple bite of goodness a huge disservice if I didn’t at least mention how amazing these little berries are for your health.
If you aren’t bored yet – read all about it here
But if you are, suffice it to say that blueberries deserve every last ounce of their superstar status.
I promise.

And they only cost £3.99 for 180g...

Soooo…ladies and gents, boys and girls,  I must impore you to stop reading right now (addictive as my writing might be) (ha!) and  wander over to your blenders….

Because I promise you, as simple as it might seem just to chuck together a few ingredients and whiz them, the result will be one of the most delicious things to have ever touched your lips.

Not to mention of course that your body (that temple) will salute you…

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